ceo summit for workplace mental health

CEOs from around the country are coming together to talk about how formally and informally incorporating mental wellness into the corporate culture is good for employees’ mental health and also good for business.
Over 40 Heads of HR and Benefits will come to observe the CEO Roundtable discussion.
Photo Credit: “Trading Floor at the New York Stock Exchange during the Zendesk IPO” by Scott Beale. Liscensed under CC BY 2.0

it starts with each of us

I will foster a workplace that promotes, supports and improves the mental health of my co-workers and their families.

make a difference

  • be aware

    Learn the impacts of your mental health on business.

  • be visible

    Sign the pledge, join the CEO Summit, and make an employee announcement.

  • define the plan

    Assign a senior executive to assess the situation, define a plan for your business, and implement it.

  • demand accountability

    Hold stakeholders accountable for delivering quality accessible care for your employees and their families.

  • make the change

    Build a culture of awareness, acceptance, prevention, resilience and recovery.

workplace mental health toolkit

This toolkit provides HR professionals and business leaders practical information on how to think about creating a mentally healthy workplace. It includes case studies and real examples from some of the world's leading corporations

Download it today.


NAMI-NYC Metro thanks our co-collaborators at the NorthEast Business Group on Health, the Kennedy Forum, the APA's Parthnership for Workplace Mental Health, Pershing Square Capital Management CEO Bill Ackman, the Mayor's Fund to Advance the City of New York, the Honorable Patrick J. Kenedy, Michael Thompson of PWC and Drew Train of OBERLAND.

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